Professional and qualified staff

Our Staff are Guided by the Principles of

Above and beyond our already stringent code of ethics and guidelines for continuing education, our professional staff are guided by the principles and ethical codes of the following clinical and educational organizations.


You are our main partners!

The consistency is a fundamental necessity for a child to develop happily and smoothly. For this we work in correspondence to prompt better advantage for the child improvement and progress. In Minds of Smiles we prepare lots of open days as part of our responsibility to educate parents about child development, we also offer them many training opportunities to raise awareness about various topics such as safeguarding and wellbeing. You can do the below to help with your children learning :

External Providers

We supports you with many services to smoothen parenthood.

Catering Company

Nutrition is a very important sector for children health and wellbeing for this we have partnered with a specialized company that will cater our designed menus with love and passion and high levels of hygiene and safety.

Extra Curricular Activities

The various and daily events that happen within the day enlighten us about some interests and hobbies for children for this we extended their learning opportunities by providing specialized individuals to enhance their sports and art skills.

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
Ballet Gymnastics Football
Islamic Lessons
Music and Movement Arts

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