About Us

Welcome to Miles of Smiles

Miles of Smiles is a group of early childhood centres for children aged 45 days to 5 years. We distinguish ourselves by offering a unique programme for each branch and by maintaining a stimulating environment, staffed by a team of qualified and friendly professionals. Our practitioners are attentive and respond to the needs of each child. They offer them a safe, interactive, and stimulating environment. We are proud to be considered one of the best nurseries in Dubai.

We strive to create an environment that is seen as an extension of home, where parents can be confident that their children are receiving the education and healthcare they need. Miles of Smiles is a welcoming place with happy staff who play a major role in your children's development. We value partnership with parents and our aim is for you to feel comfortable in your choice and for the children to feel safe, happy, and involved.

Miles of Smiles Nursery is also here to meet the needs of working parents, thus, offers flexible hours. Our centers operate until late and remain open all year round.

In our care, Your children are in good hands and will undoubtedly be in their second home!

Implemented Curriculum

Miles of Smiles includes a number of multilingual nurseries and kindergartens in the United Arab Emirates, offering EYFS curriculum with Arabic on daily basis.

Our unique programme and preschool enhancement activities focus on the specific areas; all designed to help provide children with a love of learning and prepare them for mainstream school. While respecting the difference of all curriculum in Dubai nurseries and preschools we bring documents alive for children, translating learning and development standards into meaningful and purposeful activities and experiences.

A journey in a day

Every day is a new day! The classrooms are beautifully laid out and ready for a whole range of fun activities. The first few hours are filled with a joyful hubbub and chatter. The children build intrinsic structures or give free rein to their creativity by colouring. During these moments of unstructured play, their cognitive development increases while they acquire interpersonal skills through social interaction with their classmates and teachers

At clock time, the transition from play to structured learning begins! The children take their places and begin to take part in the activities and responsibilities planned by their teachers. From then on, the academic day unfolds: reading and writing, numeracy, social studies and science experiments, following the theme of the day. The activities are adapted to each learning level according to the age group. Each child receives the attention and support they need to succeed, and their progress is recorded to enable better monitoring.

Physical activities take place at different times of the day. This helps to improve the children's gross motor skills and allows them to develop freely.

Afternoons include a succession of awesome activities.

This is how we see a successful day!

Empowered Environment

All areas of our nurseries are used to their fullest extend and our children have opportunities to take part in outside play, language, dance, music, and drama classes and sporting activities each week.

High quality resources and equipment are provided in the nursery and storage is made accessible so children of all ages can self-select and make independent choices.

Why Miles of Smiles?

the first & only nursery & kindergarten created by a French woman

new branch open before 2025

Certification by homologation