Extracurricular Activities

At Miles Of Smiles, we provide a diverse range of extracurricular activities, with a varied program offered every weekday (excluding weekends).
We believe that children should be exposed to all different kinds of skills and activities.
We provide:
  • Ballet
  • Gymnastic
  • Soccer/Football.
  • Tennis
  • Djembe
  • Cooking Class
  • Islamic Class
So, the interest of each can be further explored and who knows childish hobbies may turn out to future talents.
All Miles Of Smiles activities are instructed by private, qualified coaches proficient in both French and English. Registration for these activities is optional.

A successful day full of adventure

Every day at our nursery is an exciting journey! Our classrooms are set up beautifully, ready for a wide range of fun activities. The first few hours are buzzing with joy and lively chatter. Children engage in building structures or unleash their creativity through coloring. During this free playtime, they not only enhance their cognitive abilities but also develop interpersonal skills through social interactions with peers and teachers.

As the clock ticks, we transition from play to structured learning. Children take their seats and participate in planned activities and responsibilities guided by their teachers. The academic day unfolds with reading, writing, math, social studies, and science experiments, all tailored to each age group’s learning level. Every child receives personalized attention and support, with their progress carefully tracked for better monitoring.

Physical activities are woven into different parts of the day, enhancing children’s gross motor skills and allowing them to move freely.

In the afternoons, we continue with a variety of awesome activities.

This is how we define a successful day at our school!

Empowered Environment

Our nurseries are used to their fullest extent and our children have opportunities to take part in outside play, language, dance, music, and drama classes and sporting activities each week.

High-quality resources and equipment are provided in the nursery and storage is made accessible so children of all ages can self-select and make independent choices.